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Author Topic: Free Membership - Clicks Away!  (Read 9437 times)


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Free Membership - Clicks Away!
« on: Jun 22, 06, 03:02 »
This process will not take more than 2 minutes depending upon the internet connection.

1] Please click the Register icon found below the Star F1 banner at www.starf1.com

2] You will be taken to the Registeration Page.

From here on the registeration process is simple and menu driven but if you want to be sure please read further.

3] Fill the below given fields

Username - Any Name you wish to have. It will appear in front of your posts and you will be identified by this name. Your username need not be your own name. Names like F1King etc., is valid one.

Email - Provide your active email address. A validation letter will be sent to this email address. You have to open the email and click the link given there to activate your membership account.

Choose Password: The username should start with Alphabet (A-Z) but can contain Numerals (0-9). Please note, The password is case sensitive. Provide minimum 6 letters.

Visual Verification: Type the letters given in the box. If there is space between 2 words then a space should be given. For Example Humpty Dumty. Humpty and Dumty has space. So after typing Humpty press space button once before typing the next word Dumty. Also note the letters are Case-Sensitive. So use the same case as it is given in the display.

If you are not about the letter in the the visual verification, you can refresh the box using the refresh button available next to the Visual Verification box.

Click "I am atleast 12 years old"

Click " I agree"

Click Register

You will receive a message as given below.

Thank you for registering. You will receive an email soon with a link to activate your account. If you don't receive an email after some time, check your spam folder.

Now, Go to the Email using any browser. Open the in box. You will see message from StarF1 with the subject "Welcome to StarF1". Open it. You will have the following message.

You are now registered with an account at Star F1,  username!

Your account's username is TheNameYouGave and its password is xxxxx (which can be changed later.)

Before you can login, you first need to activate your account. To do so, please follow this link:


Should you have any problems with activation, please use the code "xxxxxxx".

The Star F1 Team.

Point the mouse at the link "http://starf1.com/forum/index.php?action=activate;xxxxxxxxxxx"  Some emails will have a pop up as given below

"Attachments, pictures, and links in the message have been blocked for your safety. Would you like to unblock the content of the message?"

Click "Yes". Your  browser will open a new page in which the following message wil be dispalyed

"Your account has been activated"

Now go to the login in the StarF1 and type the Username and Password you mentioned during Registeration. You are logged in. Now you can start new topic and post replies.

Also, to get around the forum please go through the Help which gives answers to most of the frequently asked questions.
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