Star F1 was started on 28Feb2006.  The website is a platform for interaction among the internet users where ideas can be exchanged without fear and bias. The feature of this website is the advertisement free pages which reduces the downloading time and enhances the joy of internet browsing.  Participants are bond by a code of conduct as given below.

  1. Members should be polite while discussing any issue.
  2. Since this website is for all age groups, Members should only raise topics suitable for all age groups.
  3. Members should not abuse any other member in the comments and posts.
  4. Members should not use unparliamentary words.
  5. Members should not post any obscene pictures in the website.
  6. Member should not use the posts to advertise their websites.
  7. If at anytime members feel uncomfortable on any issue related to the site, Please contact starf1@mail.com

About the founder: StarF1 and Star24x7 was started by vas from Chennai, India. vas has a B.E. degree from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai and M.B.A from the same college. Working with a leading airline as a Commercial Manager. His favorite pastimes are internet and F1. PS: Care is taken to maintain the website free of unwanted posts and comments but www.starf1.com and www.star24x7.com and the owner claim no responsibility for the posts and comments made by others.

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