F1 is bouncing back to glory

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New measures implemented in F1 are bringing in positive results. The unpredictability of the race result till last lap is bringing back the excitement which was missing in F1 for a long time. There are signs that F1 is on its way to regain its past glory. F1 has adopted new measures in the last 3 years desperately seeking remedy for lack of overtaking / excitement in the races.

This year all the 4 elements which brought this change are in use. The ban on refueling, DRS (Drag Reduction System), KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) and Pirelli Tyres for 2011. I never thought these combination will make the races very unpredictable and hence exciting.

Earlier, the driver on pole position will start a funeral procession when the 5 red lights go off and finishes with out much of change in the order down below. With no over takings, one has to wait for an accident to occur to make the race lively.

Not any more,

  1. the DRS has allowed the car behind to get the speed and over take easily. Even though I have reservations on how it is being implemented, I hope the concept will evolve to more acceptable way in the future.
  2. Chinese GP Massa Leads Button

  3. Another one is KERS. Even though, KERS advantage is very minimal as every one will have access to it all the time, if one uses it judiciously, they can beat the car in the front. And sure it also adds the extra element to over take apart from conserving and using energy which is otherwise wasted.
  4. Ban on refueling has already made the drivers to drive optimally shedding the unnecessary aggressiveness. There are races now the drivers are forced to go in to cruise mode to conserve the fuel allowing other cars to take a shot at them.
  5. Pirelli rubbers has taken the F1 to a new level. By making the tyres not last long, Pirelli has ensured the drivers don’t run in circle at the maximum speed their aerodynamics will permit without taking care of rubbers. Now the drivers have to ensure the longevity of the rubbers. It is a balance act they have to do with speed and life of the rubbers.

3 races are over and the first taste of success of this new experiment has come in the Chinese GP.

This new found excitement has rejuvenated F1 and has made watching F1 again interesting. Hope it lasts for ever.

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