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The newly named Buddh International Circuit – that from October 28-30 will host the inaugural Indian Grand Prix.
It’s reckoned that the new Formula One circuit, located on brown-field land in Greater Noida, about 50 kilometres south-east of central Delhi, will generate approximately $170m in income, mostly for local hotel and tourism industries, and provide up to 10,000 jobs.

The investment required to make this happen is massive – an estimated $300 million (€220 million). But a 10-year race deal has been granted, during which period that outlay will be recouped, while the sheen of Formula One brings with it many intangible benefits such as national prestige and global exposure for a host nation. Also very handy is F1’s web of international business links.

A Image walk through of Budh International Circuit. Some of the images are computer generated.

The new circuit is 5141m long (5088m following the racing line), with 16 corners, 14 metres of elevation change (it looks more than it sounds), and a 693-metre back straight where top speeds of 320km/h will be hit, for a predicted Formula One lap time of 1m 27s, making it one of the faster circuits. It’s designed as a dual-use track that will host MotoGP races as well as F1, so its precise spec (details of kerbing, run-off areas, safety barriers etc) have to be fitted to both purposes. The looping Turn 10, for example, will have two distinct profiles: a tighter inner line for the bike racers and a wider, faster, higher and longer outer curve for F1.

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